T.O.A.M is an organization that focus on providing health and hygiene products to those who are struggling with accessing consistent personal care, home care, and baby care products.  Often times hygiene products are less likely to be donated on a consistent basics. We distribute basic hygiene products to existing pantries.

Our Team

Tanaya Henry


Tanaya has worked in outreach since 1991 in some form or fashion. May it be in a church setting or on her own. Her earlier outreach was making sure any leftover food from evening church services did not go to waste. She would take the donated food to Spooner House of Shelton, CT (local homeless shelter)  

With the support of her church, she started to provide hygiene supplies to shelters and anyone who had a need. 

As she matured into her thirties she introduced her son to the Caribbean community she and her family had spent their youth. They started at St. Thomas U.S.V.I where Tanaya spent a good portion of her time growing up. They then made their way to St. Kitts B.W.I where her father's side of the family is from and eventually on to Antigua to her mother's side of the family.

 During her visits, she would immerse herself in the community of Parsons Ground St. Kitts and other parts of the island. To occupy her time she would visit the St. Christopher Childre's Home to volunteer. Each visit she would bring laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products which they were always in need of.

She then made her way to Antigua B.W.I. where she takes the same approach as she did in St. Kitts.

The love that she has for the islands of her ancestors has continued to grow over the years. It is with that love in her heart and calling to meet the basic needs of people no matter the age or circumstances
led her to start Traveler On A Mission.​

Our Local Pantries

Our Local pantries are the corner stone of Traveler On A Mission.  They server as our conductance to those who we are looking to serve.


Each pantry is unique in how they operate and who they serve.  We work closely with them to make sure we are doing our best to be part of the a support system for them. 

Current participating pantries.

Salvation Army - Bridgeport, CT

Varick Memorial -

New Haven, CT

Women of the Village-

New Haven, CT

Our Impact

Will be to improve self worth to individuals in our community.

Our Method

of accomplishing this task is by working within the already established network of food pantries, cloth closets, religious and human services organizations.