Throughout the year Traveler On A Mission travels to the Caribbean to bring the same fun filled workshops we do in Connecticut to the children that reside in the children's home (orphanage).


The children will learn how to make hygiene products for themselves and review hygiene practices in an interactive workshop setting.

The workshops will build self-esteem and teach a new skill that the children can carry with them for there entire life.

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You can be the reason that children living in an orphanage are learning new skills and sparking an interest in entrepreneurship while reviewing good hygiene practices.
Click here to learn how you can be part of this important growth building process. 

(subject to change due to Covid-19.)

Sunshine Home for Girls

Sunshine Home for Girls

(Front entrance wall)



St. Christopher's Children's Home

(frame of their newly constructed greenhouse)

St. Kitts

The orphanages that we currently have a relationship with care for children between the ages of 5-18


St. Kitts BWI

St. Christopher Children's Home


Antigua BWI

Sunshine Home for Girls


St. Christopher's Children's Home

(back yard)

St. Kitts